Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another great "tales from the backseat"

As we were driving down the road from the church to the cabin, Hobie commented on how cool looking those cabins on the sides of the mountain on the stilts looked. Then he added the bad thing about them is you have no yard. The kids started saying the other bad thing is what if there was an earthquake or a mud slide your cabin might fall down the mountain. Preston said "Lets just call them great cabins with a slight chance of DEATH!"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hobie is coming

Look how cute he is!!! He just finished packing and was laying in bed talking to me, and I told him to send me a picture. Our journey is finally coming to an end! I have to admit it has been alot more magical than I had expected! I'm not saying I'd want to do it again, or even that I'd recommend it to anyone else, but now that it's done I wouldn't trade it!
A couple weeks before Hobie left, he said to me if we decide to make this a sad hard experience it will be, but if we decide to focus on making this a good experience it will be alot easier to bare.
So about 3 weeks before he left he sarted having special family nights to prepare the kids
He talked to them about setting goals and being helpful, about the blessings this was going to bring to our family, and even though parts of it were going to be hard, it was going to make our family so happy and blessed when it was done. He got them all excited about writting letters, and getting mail. And I sat through all of them and didn't say much, just cried inside and tried not to let the kids know. But he was so right writting letters was fun, and we have a whole new closeness, and bond that I can't explain. Every day I watched for the mail, everyday I sent a letter for the first 10 weeks when he couldn't call. I only missed 2 days! He sent several letters a week also, but he wrote everyday too! The kids would run in the door everyday and say did we get any letters from dad today, then they would all sit on the couch and listen while I read them. We buit some fun memmories! And now it's finally here, he gets to come home....and new fun memmories get to start, and a whole new "military lifestyle" I 'm so glad I have such an inspired man with such wisdom to share it all with!
3 more days!!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

It's gonna be a hard 16 days....

Starting Thursday Hobie leaves on his campout in the woods, for 16 days!!! This will probably be the hardest of the time he's been gone, because we will have no contact at all... no 10 min Sunday call, no letters, nothing!!!! He found out for sure last night he can't take his cell phone!(we had heard maybe he could) I'm a little stressed, but I'm going to try to stay really busy! The silver lining... he comes home a week after he gets back from this! Can't wait for this month to be over!!!! Thanks to everyone for all their love and support, and all the help we've gotten!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Win a free photo shoot!

Check out Angie's photography she is giving away a free photo shoot! Cute Cute Pics! Hope I win I want cute Family Pics when Hobie gets back from all his military training! We've really missed him!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My visit in San Antonio

I've tried to write about my trip several times, but couldn't decide which things to share, so I finally decided to put a little of ecerything in. I arrived Friday around noon, and I got my first cab all by myself! Then I went to the hotel and checked in all by myself again! After i got all settled I went into the mall which was connected to my hotel, and got some lunch and then I waited for Hobie, and of coarse the army held them over 1 1/2 late. Then they took away the late passes for the weekend, (which is stupid cause you only get passes when you have family in town, so it really only punishes a few guys with family in town.) So Friday we got about 1 1/2 hours together, it was so nice though! I miss him so much!
Saturday he came early and we spent the day together, we went to the mall, we walked around a little out by the riverwalk, we watched movies, it was great to just be by him and hold his hand as we walked around together.
Sunday he came early again, and we watched movies, we went over to the base, and I bought some groceries! We walked around and he showed me some of the places he goes, then he had to go check in, and I met some of his friends.
Monday he got out of school at noon and was supposed to be done, my flight didn't leave til almost 7 so we thought we'd have lots of time together! At about 3 he had me come over to the base, cause they were still standing outside waiting to be released! I came and sat until a little after 5 and finally he was able to go with me to the airport. He and his friends kept running over real quick to check on me while I was waiting, it was so nice. I miss him so much! All in all it was so nice to get to spend time with him, mothing else really mattered!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Get Ready to Cry

The National Guard sent this to me in an email and said download it and share it with your friends! I thought it was awsome. It made me cry! Stacy you might not want to watch this, it's a hard one...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Big Thank you's

I just wanted to post big thank yous to all those who helped me after my surgery, I had wonderful meals, round the clock care, help with house cleaning, folding laundry, a pedicure, and many phone calls to check on me! I really appreciate all the love and care that everyone gave me. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!